Vanishings in North Seattle

Being an avid fan of all our community blogs and a daily pedestrian in my own neighborhood, I can’t help but notice and hear about some disappearing acts in North Seattle.  Here’s a roundup of what I’ve heard/read about:

Meridian Market on N 56th Street in Tangletown is suddenly dark. reports that it was put up for sale about two weeks ago, and was advertised on Craigslist for $250,000.  No word on whether or not it actually sold, but the lights are off with no employees to be found.

Tangletown’s “Pour House” is also gone – but not forgotten.  It’s changed into a new Mexican restaurant, Bandolero, that will have a brand new menu and a wide tequila selection.  I never had the chance to visit Pour House, but I might give Bandolero a try this week!

For those of you in Phinney Ridge, you may have noticed that demolation on Fire Station 21 came swiftly!  The firefighters are in temporary digs just a couple blocks down at N 68th and Greenwood while their new home is built at the same location as the old one.  Construction of the new firestation is expected to take about a year. 

A forum post this week on suggests that perhaps Slum City Hotdogs is gone for good.  I’ve walked by there several times in the past couple weeks, and it hasn’t been opened.  Its a shame – a place that serves hot dogs and gelato would have done well during the last couple weeks of summer weather.

A welcome sight on Aurora might be the demolation of two hotels that are currently up for auction, according to  The Isabella Hotel and Italia Hotel are both up for auction, and it looks likely that the hotels will be torn down for redevelopment. 

Has anyone heard of any other neighborhood changes, or details on any of the ones I’ve mentioned?

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