My Plea to Greenlake Bar & Grill

On Saturday, I moved into my new digs around N63rd in Greenlake.  After a stressful move, I set out to explore my new neighborhood.  Between Saturday and Monday, I walked around Greenlake 4 times with the dog, discovered how easy it is to walk to Peet’s Coffee, dug around Tangletown to see what local eats I can visit come dinnertime, even found “I Love Hot Yoga” where I plan to purchase a new membership later this week.  This neighborhood rocks – even with the crowds of people that come out in nice weather, the crazy 4-way stop next to Starbucks that no one seems to know what to do with, and the driving rain that occupied most of Labor Day. 

At dinnertime yesterday, we decided to check out Greenlake Bar and Grill.  Walked up there, got a little rained on, discovered it was Happy Hour (and who can say no to Happy Hour), and got seated.  Then it happened.  The waiter came up and said “Would you like anything to drink?”  “I’ll take a Manny’s,” my boyfriend said, as he does at most North Seattle restaurants.  Then, the dreaded words: “Sorry, we don’t carry that.”

After about 30 seconds of the awkward silence of figuring out what on earth we were going to drink, we settled on some other beers and got sorted.  I glanced at the menu and then around the room, and saw that Bud Light and PBR were popular choices for the locals.  I’m sorry, I thought this was Seattle?  I thought we were proud of our local breweries, and “Budweiser” was a bad word in our dictionary. 

So I may have become a beer snob over the past couple years, but I would like to appeal to Greenlake Bar and Grill, and to anyone else selling corporate beer in my new neighborhood – please, please tap a keg of Manny’s for me.

2 responses to “My Plea to Greenlake Bar & Grill

  1. Thanks Amy! I think the neighborhood is great. At least I have The Elysian to solve the beer situation 🙂

  2. Welcome to the neighborhood! 4 times around the lake…wow.

    Glad you’re enjoying Green Lake, beer issues aside. 😉

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