Local Real Estate – How many new listings have we seen?

Generally speaking, the real estate market picks up a little in September/October, and then slows down for the remainder of the year.  Here’s a quick look at how houses are selling in YOUR zip code:


In the 98103 ZIP code, which includes Green Lake and parts of Fremont & Wallingford, there are currently 180 houses and 67 condominiums listed for sale.  Only 11 of these are bank or REO-owned properties (that’s good news!).  In the past 6 months, 13 condominiums and 56 single family houses have gone either pending or contingent (contingent means that the buyer has to sell a home before they can purchase).  272 Single family homes and 58 condominiums have closed escrow in the past six months.  That means we’re closing 55 homes each month!  It also means that if we continue on that way, we currently have a 4.5 month supply of homes for sale. 


This ZIP includes the UW.  As expected, there’s a little less available here.  There are 96 single family homes, 40 condominiums, and only one bank or REO owned listing.  There are 34 pending or contingent houses and 3 condominiums. As for the closeds, we have 119 houses and 41 condominiums (average of about 27 per month).   That shows about a 5 month housing supply on the market in 98105. 


This includes much of Ballard and a good chunk of Phinney Ridge.  In 98117, there are currently 136 active single family, and 9 active condominium homes.  3 are bank or REO-owned.  47 single family homes are pending or contingent, as are 3 condos.  193 houses and 10 condos have closed in the past six months.  That’s about 34 per month, which puts us at just over a 4-month supply in this area. 


98107 is the remainder of Ballard and Phinney Ridge.  Its a smaller area than the other ZIPs.  In this ZIP code, there are 54 active single family and 52 condos, with 6 being bank or REO-owned.  27 single family homes and 17 condos have gone pending or contingent in the past six months.  114 houses and 44 condos have closed (about 26 per month, giving us a current supply of 4 months). 


This ZIP code includes the Maple Leaf area and is just north of the U-District and just south of northgate. In this area, we have 177 houses and 44 condos for sale, with 3 being bank or REO-owned.  63 single family houses and 11 condos are pending or contingent, and 253 houses/45 condos have closed in the past six months.  This is a big 50 closing per month, giving us (again) a 4.5 month supply of homes on the market!

All of this data is from the NWMLS.  It seems most of these neighborhoods are staying pretty much in line with each other.  And although a 4.5 month supply of homes seems high, its actually pretty average even in a normal market. Again, good news!

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