How to Choose Your Real Estate Partner

When choosing who to work with in buying or selling your home, its important to focus on a few things.  Here are five tips to help you find your partner in real estate!

1) Interview more than one real estate broker (and by the way, new rules in July made every agent a broker, which is why I use this term).  Interviewing 3-4 brokers is best – narrow it down to the few you are interested in working with, and then meet them in person.

2) As you “interview” brokers, don’t just focus on their fee and how much they want to list the home for.  Find out what they offer for that fee – some brokers will do a lot more than others.  Find out if expenses like professional photos are included in the fee, or if they expect you to purchase that separately.  Find out what they intend to do to market the home and how quickly they think they can sell it.  And most importantly, find someone who you “click” with.

3) Don’t, I repeat don’t just hire the broker that says they can sell your home at the highest price.  Make sure they’ve thoroughly researched the comps and aren’t just telling you what you want to hear.

4) As I’m new to Green Lake, I’m shooting myself in the foot here – but find someone who knows the area.  You can see from my blog that I’m learning and I strive to be an expert in the neighborhood, but its good to work with someone local who is able to focus on your home and your neighborhood.

5) I might get some backlash here, and this is just my personal opinion, but don’t necessarily focus on finding a “Realtor” like the commercials say.  The difference between a Realtor, and a real estate broker that is NOT a Realtor?  About $500 in annual dues.  I have nothing against the Realtor Association and think they provide some great resources for brokers, but I also know plenty of brokers who don’t pay in and are just as qualified at selling your home.  And in this tough economy, more and more local brokers are choosing not to be Realtors.

If you’re buying or selling in north Seattle, feel free to ask me for direction.  I may NOT be the best broker to sell your home, but my goal is a happy homeowner and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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