Musings on Day 50 in Green Lake

Today, I have been a Green Lake resident for 50 days (as opposed to a Phinney Ridge resident, which is soooo far away).  Here’s what I’ve learned and discovered so far.

No two days on the Green Lake Loop are ever the same.  From being stopped by the “dog psychic,” to watching aerial acrobatics, there is a wonderful wide range of characters that share this space.  Early dark mornings are especially interesting – you can hear the rowing teams belting out orders, see the occasional paddleboarder and jump at the groups of raccoons that dart across the path!

When I first moved here, I thought people drove like maniacs.  Now, I think that even more.  I even think the cyclists cycle like maniacs.  Considering we live in such a happy, pedestrian friendly neighborhood, I don’t know why everyone seems to be in such a hurry.  I’m tired of darting out of the cross walk because the cars aren’t slowing down!

I can tell that Greenlake Bar and Grill is going to become a staple in my life, despite its lack of having Manny’s on tap.  I plan on trying out trivia on Monday, but the Wednesday night $5 steak swept me away and I’m now a fan of this restaurant!

By far my favorite local business overall is Super Jock n Jill.  They did an exceptional job of making this anti-running girl a daily runner, by working hard to find me the right shoes.  Sadly, as I am now running every single day with my dog, I will probably be back to visit them sooner than I originally thought – I’ve put a lot of miles on my new shoes already!

I really like Bandolero in Tangletown, even though I don’t drink tequila.  I DID try one of their special margaritas which was delicious (but strong), but thought their food was incredible and wish them much success as a new restaurant.

And my favorite thing about Green Lake is all the charitable events I keep hearing about through  There’s always a fun run, or a school fundraiser, or some local business doing good in the community to hear about.  Picking a neighborhood is like picking a partner for a relationship – you look for qualities that reflect and play off of your own.  I hope as I move into my third month as a resident here, I can participate even more in the local goings on!

7 responses to “Musings on Day 50 in Green Lake

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  2. Thanks for reminding me, kDavid! I will get an update up this week. And yes, I did discover Latona Pub, and their very tasty mac and cheese. Have yet to try Uber Bar, hopefully soon! Summary of new discoveries to come 🙂

  3. Okay, where’s the 100 day report, hmmm?

    Did you discover the Latona Pub and their Portabella burgers?
    And Greenlake picnics a la PCC?
    How about the many tasty beers at The Uber Bar?
    Marley at the Bathhouse?

    …expiring minds, want to know!


    • From those of us at Seattle Public Theater at the Greenlake Bathhouse – thanks for the “Marley” shout out! Upcoming next – a very funny comedy, “My Wonderful Day”. I hope you can join us!

      • I’ve related my atecdonal experiences on the eastside before, but I’ll do it again since it’s on topic.My drive to work is about 3 miles through residential eastern Bellevue/Redmond. Over the last few months, there have been at least a handful of signs up at any given time, peaking at around eight or nine a few weeks ago. This is many more than I ever noticed before. A few have sold, usually in the block with condos, but most have sat on the market for weeks if not months. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that several of the signs came down without a sold placcard, which I assume means they were pulled off the market without selling. Some of these houses are already empty, which makes me wonder if they are now paying two mortgages. This has reduced the number for sale by about a quarter, but there are still a handful up. I’m also starting to notice for rent signs on some of these houses.Unfortuantely, I don’t have prices on many of these houses because I’m not planning to buy in the area. I do know that one that sold in Redmond was up for $535k, which floored me it was not a half million dollar house. I have no idea what the actual sale price was. The house two doors down from where I live was up for $460k for several months, which is at least $40k higher than anything on the street has listed before, including last year, and well above Zillow for comparable houses on the street. According to the neighbors, they never got even a nibble. A few weeks ago the for sale sign was replaced with for rent , and they want around $1800/mo for it, which is rediculous. It’s still sitting vacant.So the trend for this microcosm of the eastside is that inventory spiked with a small number selling, but now some are getting pulled for good or changed to looking for renters. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the inventory numbers actually drop for the month, but I’m still seeing a lot for sale and more for rent. Rate this comment: 0 0

    • …Oh my god Robin. What a nightmare. But yes, the fact that you had Maeve with you must make it easy to laugh about now, right? OK, maybe trroomow. I will never forget being at a park in Hawaii and parking next to a car which had a child locked inside. He was old enough that the mother was trying to coach him to open the door but young enough that she was wild-eyed with panic. Scary stuff. Anyway, LOVELY bread!

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