Naked City celebrates 2 great years

Last Night I attended the Naked City 2nd Anniversary Celebration, at Naked City Brewery and Taphouse on Greenwood Ave.  I knew the place would be busy and did my best to get their as early as possible – but I never expected that there would actually be a line outside before it opened!  Seems the whole beer loving community wanted to get in and celebrate this Greenwood staple. 

Arriving about 4:45, I found Naked City to be standing-room only.  Luckily, I was joining Mr. and Mrs. Washington Beer Blog ( who had managed to grab one of the last tables available!  I was glad to have them around too, to make recommendations of what to order based on my own personal tastes in beer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Beer Blog enjoying Naked City beer

Don and Donald, founders and owners of Naked City, made the rounds and made sure everyone was having a great time last night (how could you not).  They had assembled a very special list of beers for last night’s celebration, many of which were tapped out by the end of the night. 

Some beers I sampled last night:

  • Snipes Pumpkin Death (surprisingly, not very pumpkin-like and milder than I expected)
  • Naked City New Riders of the Purple Sage (a blackberry flavored beer)
  • 2010 Pro-Am Big Chocolate Wood (one of my favorites, who doesn’t love chocolate)
  • Naked City Broken Bicycle Fresh Hop Saison (very hoppy)
  • Naked City Double Header Anniversary IPA (definitely hoppy and delicious)

Many northwest brewers joined in the festivities last night, and raffle prizes were announced every thirty minutes (you could get raffle tickets by ordering Naked City beers).  I didn’t end up with a free t-shirt, but I think I came away a winner just by getting to attend. 

Last night was not just a celebration of great local beer, but also a celebration for the staff of Naked City who did an incredible job keeping up with demand last night in a very overwhelming environment. 

Thank you Naked City for a terrific night and for all your beautiful beer creations.  Here’s to a successful year three!

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