I will be spending Thanksgiving alone (insert “awwwwww” here).  It’s true, it’s not the first time, and although I feel slightly sorry for myself, I also enjoy the peace and quiet and will make the most of what I have.  Besides, with my Lola-bear, I’m never totally alone.

But before Thursday, I am getting ready to hold a mini-Thanksgiving dinner for my friend and I on Wednesday before he flies out to see his family.

I have the turkey.  I have what I need for stuffing.  I have potatoes for mashing.  And….that’s where I stop – since it’s just the two of us, I don’t think we need to gorge ourselves on more food than we can handle.  The turkey itself weighs in at 7 pounds, the absolute smallest I could find, and that will provide me leftovers for days.

What I’m most excited about is cooking the turkey – this will be my very first time cooking a turkey in the oven (I’ve hosted Thanksgiving before but always had a giant fryer) and I can’t think of a better way than to cook it in a nice tasty sweet beer.  My friends at Washington Beer Blog recommend a porter or some other dark caramel concoction and I trust that.

If you see sirens and lights heading towards 63rd and Woodlawn while I’m cooking tomorrow, you might not see any blogs from me for a while…

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