It’s hard to find decent childcare.

I am finding these days that I am working longer and longer hours and my poor dog is the one that suffers when I get home.

So, I am now officially looking for dog-care in the daytime.  Here’s what I’m looking for:

Someone who works from home or is home most of the day, either with another dog or no pets, that can have Lola in their home/yard 2-3 times a week. She won’t need to be walked and would probably be happiest with another dog – or, someone who doesn’t work at home but just has another dog that needs daytime company.

About Lola:

This is my pretty dog.

Lola is a 5 and a half year old vizsla/labrador mix with lots of energy (about 65 pounds of all muscle).  I adopted her from the Tacoma Humane Society when she was about a year old and had just had puppies.
She is great at off-leash parks and loves swimming.  On leash, she is fairly good and getting better – she doesn’t pull half as much as she used to, but she is still working on her manners when other dogs pass by – around the neighborhood, I make her sit and wait patiently for the other dog to pass, then she gets a treat (so I always carry treats on walks).  If I walk her around Green Lake during a busy time, she gets treats every so often for good behavior when dealing with the crowds of dogs.

I have never put her in an official dog daycare but from seeing her play with other dogs I don’t think it would be best for her.  She is really good playing and running around with one or two other dogs, but in a crowd gets over-excited and tends to get barky (she’s usually pretty quiet otherwise). 

If you have a dog or two already, I will tell you that upon the first meeting she will growl at them for a good 10-15 minutes, and then decide that they are her new best friends (I always warn people of that, it’s a shy thing).

I do NOT need a dog walker, or dog exerciser, I am more looking at company for Lola while I’m at work, or sort of an extended play-date.  I have always lived with at least one other dog and so Lola is naturally entertained all day.  Now, she sleeps all day and waits for me to get home, and then wants to play all night when its bed time – so that’s what I’m trying to solve (I need my sleep).  I will still be waking up every morning and running around Green Lake with her before dropping her off, and will walk her in the evening when picking her up, so she can stay at your home all day without needing a trip out as long as there’s something for her to do or a dog to keep her entertained with tug-of-war/chase.  Size of the dog doesn’t matter too much – she has lived with everything from german shepherds to chihuahuas and gets along with all as long as they’re nice to her.

Think you might fit the bill?  Shoot me a response and let’s get in touch.  I am, of course, looking to pay, and I am also looking to stay local (somewhere within a few blocks of the lake or up around Tangletown is best).  I would need to drop off at either 6:15 or 7:30 in the morning depending on what’s more convenient, and then pick up around 6pm.  (I understand that the holidays would be coming up soon and would not need care during that week).

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