Girl, you’re trippin.

I already know that I am a fairly clumsy person and I trip up easily.  My mother always told me to “pick up my feet” – which doesn’t make a lot of sense when you really think about it – if I picked up my feet I’d fall over entirely. 

I’ve made peace with the various sidewalks around town that go every which way and have been lifted by tree roots.  I’m fairly aware of them now, and give many thanks to the kind homeowners who paint a white or yellow stripe across them to warn innocent walkers like me.

Now I face a new hazard – the increasing amount of mole hills I keep finding the past few weeks at Green Lake Park. 

Moles are “pests” – they burrow in lawns, killing the grass and leaving giant mounds behind. 

photo by zenera/flickr

But, as much as I hate tripping over the hills in the dark as I join the loop in the morning, I don’t want to see the little critters harmed.

So, I was glad to hear from Laurie Dunlap with Seattle Parks and Recreation.  “It’s illegal to trap moles in Washington at this time,” she said.  So what do they do? “Our maintenance crew just continues mowing and waiting for the cycles to roll through.”

In fact, Laurie said that moles are actually very mobile – as soon as you move one group from a particular park, another group will usually come right along and take their spot.

So – watch out as you wander Green Lake lately if you’re walking on the grass.  The cycles come and go, and we’re in the thick of it right now.

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