Top 10000 Toys

This post is going to get a little personal.  Because I’m going to start it out by saying that i am NOT a kid person.  Older kids – yes – the ones that can hold a conversation.  I always thought growing up that I would end up with a picket fence and 2.5 kids playing in the yard, but the more time I spend around small children, the more gross, loud, and troubling I believe them to be.

I have friends in the neighborhood with small children – and I mean no offense – it’s just not for me at this particular juncture in my life.  I have a difficult time eating at a restaurant while a 3-year old picks his nose on the other side of the table.  I cringe when I hear a toddler cry in public – it’s as bad as squeaky shoes.

So I have a hard time when Christmas rolls around and I have the arduous task of finding presents for my nephews – I need all the help I can get.

In continuing with my pledge to purchase all my gifts this year from local shops, I visited Top Ten Toys on 85th today (next to Fred Meyer and Greenwood Market).  I was delighted to find that even though the place was incredibly crowded (and full of children), the store had more than compensated in available staff and I was helped almost immediately. 

I told the gal what I was looking for and she set off shopping for me while I looked around.  She came back with tons of options – so many, in fact, that I bought about 3 times more than I intended…I’d mention the great finds here, but I run the risk of my sister reading and knowing what her kids are getting.

Top Ten Toys is special – they don’t sell Barbie dolls and other major brand toys.  They don’t sell video games or major electronic gadgets. And they don’t sell toy guns or violent games.  What they do sell is educational, simple, and creative toys that will really help.  So check them out as you continue to shop local for the holidays.

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