Attempted Rape at Green Lake – How you can protect yourself broke a story just this morning about an 89-year-old woman being attacked while walking around Green Lake Park Saturday morning at 5:40 am.  The woman was brought down to the ground but managed to fight off her attacker who eventually ran off.  Police searched but did not find the suspect, who the lady described as in his “30’s or 40’s, wearing a camouflage jacket and dark pants.”  She didn’t get a good look at him because it was dark out.

Now why am I re-telling the story?  Because every weekday morning, I get up at 5:25 in the morning, and I am at Green Lake running the interior loop by 5:35.  So are several other single females that I usually pass by.  Not many – but a few.

I do feel that I have an advantage.  I’m not a smart choice for an attacker, because i run with a 70-lb dog who, although friendly, would very likely rip someone to pieces if they tried anything.  I’m also running, not walking, so I’d be more apt I think to get away.

I had a man a few weeks ago on the path try to stop me and ask me a question.  I kept running.  Hopefully, if he was just a regular nice man who had a legitimate question, he understood that as a single female I am not about to stop in the dark to talk to a stranger. 

Women, please heed this advice if you run early in the morning or late at night:

  • Don’t stop for strange men.  If they look like they need help, call police.  If they look like they’re up to no good, call police.
  • Keep the non-emergency number in your phone in case you want to report suspicious, but not urgent, activity: (206) 625-5011
  • Buddy up if you can, and if you run daily like i do, look out for the same friendly faces so you start to know who else is out there with you.  I know at exactly which points I am going to pass certain people and I’m prepared.
  • Carry a cell phone, but don’t chat on it.  You’re a much easier, distracted target if you’re chatting. 
  • Don’t listen to an iPod. Again, you’re distracted and you can’t hear someone coming.
  • Don’t let this incident scare you off.  For one, we’re women – we’re strong.  For two, if this scares YOU off, it leaves me running alone with one less safe person there!  We need to stick together!  If anyone is worried about running alone, DM me through email or twitter @nseattlesarah and let’s figure out a way to run together.

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