100 Days of Green Lake

As I approached two full months of Green Lake living, I wrote a blog post – Musings on Day 50 – and someone faithfully reminded me that I’m now at 100 days (ok, maybe a few days over now) and that another post is requested!

So as 2010 disappears, I’d like to thank all the readers who gave me great suggestions on where to go and what to do.  I no longer feel like a newbie!

I didn’t end up frequenting Green Lake Bar & Grill as much as I expected.  Rather, I gained a new-found love of Mexican food at both Bandolero and at Tacos Guaymas.  Both places have incredible service, yummy food, and insanely good margaritas.

I also finally discovered Latona Pub, which I at first avoided because it looked a little small and, well, almost divey from the outside.  But that place is amazing – they have great beer on tap all the time, and if you can get a table, the mac n cheese is to die for!

I got a library card to the Seattle Public Library – something I haven’t had since I was about 10 years old.  I also got to see a play at the Bathhouse from Seattle Public Theater.   All of this within walking distance.

But after 4 full months in Green Lake I discovered something important – I cannot survive on Green Lake alone.  All of the north Seattle neighborhoods are connected – Wallingford, Ravenna, Roosevelt, Phinney Ridge – each one is unique and offers up alternatives to what’s within my half-mile radius.  For instance, Frock Shop in Phinney Ridge is my favorite place to buy new clothes.

Readers told me to check out Ravenna Third Place Books, and I was really impressed.  I love the old-style feel of the place and the way they feature special authors and staff picks.

I also love the way everyone supports each other from these neighborhoods.  Again, the blogs are amazing.  The tweets are even better.  Did you know that the writer of www.roosiehood.com raised several thousand dollars for local food banks around Thanksgiving?  All through the power of neighborhood support, twitter and social networking.

I’m feeling the love, folks.  I’m feeling the love.

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