Did you enjoy a Blue Crush last weekend?

If you visited The Wing Dome in Greenwood last weekend for the Seahawks’ *unbelievable* win against The Saints, then you probably enjoyed their drink special of the day, the Blue Crush.

This Sunday, get an early start on the Seahawks/Bears game, as The Wing Dome will be open at 9:45 am to get you in and ready for the big game.  Between 10 and 11am, get a free order of popcorn chicken when you dine in! (one per table)

Also, The Wing Dome brings a new drink to the table for this one.  We’re stepping up from the Blue Crush, to the game special The Firebird.   You might need some guts for this one – it contains hot coffee and a shot of Fireball Whiskey, garnished with whipped cream, a splash of cherry juice, and – get this – crushed fireballs.  Just $5!

The Firebird special!

Sadly, I will be working during the game but will be diligently following along on Twitter.  Send me updates at @nseattlesarah and let me know how you enjoy the drink!

(note: This special is available at ALL Wing Dome locations…but why travel out of the ‘hood?)

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