It’s smokin…

I write about Mexican food a lot.  But it’s not my favorite food – mostly because I can’t stand guacamole or sour cream.  No, my favorite is the meatiest of the meatiest – barbecue.

It’s not that I don’t like veggies – I do – but even those taste better off a grill.  Barbecued zucchini?  Much better than boiled Brussel sprouts, by far.

I’m branching out these days from my walking radius of Green Lake, and discovering some of the wonders that Ballard has to offer.  One of these wonders is Smokin Pete’s. This  hole-in-the-wall in Ballard offers everything a barbecue place should: incredible food, a fairly decent draft beer selection, and a server with tattoos ( because a nerd just can’t serve good barbecue).

I tried the Slow Joe Pork Sandwich, which at $8.95 is probably enough to feed two people.  You get a side with that too, although I certainly didn’t need it as I could barely get through half of the sandwich!  You can get their sandwich with the original sauce, or with a spicy hot sauce if you think you can handle it.  Dine in, or take home.

Smokin Pete’s features live music on Thursday nights for all ages from 6:30 to 9pm.  Next up for this week (the 20th), Ed Bang, defined on the Web site as twisted roots pop music.

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