Crowds turn out for Rogue Ales at Latona Pub

On a monday night, the Latona Pub was standing room only by 6:30 pm with about a 25-minute wait for a table. 

Granted, there were people there that just came out for dinner – but most of us knew why we were there: for the 3rd installment of the Latona’s Winter-into-Spring Beer Series featuring Rogue Ales.

Rogue delivered a total of 5 beers last night: Brutal Bitter, Dry Hopped Red, Barrel Aged Old Ale, Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, and my personal favorite for the night, a cask of Strong Charlie (very crisp and hoppy).

But Rogue also delivered something the crowd seemed to be more interested in: John Maier, the “brewmaster” behind it all.  John has been brewing since about the time I was in diapers and his beers have won over 500 awards.   Since Rogue is headquartered in Newport, OR, it’s a rare treat to get him in Seattle.

A full crowd at the Latona Pub

The night was in full swing by 8 pm, and the traditional raffle brought lots of cheers and applause.  The most coveted prize of the evening was anticipated to be a Rogue Dead Guy Ale sweatshirt, but instead everyone was after a prize a little more rare: misspelled license plates that were a mistake upon ordering and now said “ROUGE.”

If you didn’t make it in don’t feel too bad – you still have two more opportunities to participate in the Winter-into-Spring series, with Black Raven Brewing up next on March 21st followed by Pike Brewing on April 18th.

One response to “Crowds turn out for Rogue Ales at Latona Pub

  1. I found your blog. I like it. Nice write up about a fun night. Sorry my fat head ended up in the foreground of your pic.

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