Ingraham High School’s Rocket Project – our future NASA engineers

Anytime I see people standing outside Greenwood Market, I know there’s an interesting story there.  Like the time I met Camber Grant, who was raising money towards a Mt Rainier climb for the American Lung Association.  Kudos to Greenwood Market for still allowing people to fundraise outside your doors. 

Today, I met two girls from the Ingraham High School Rocketry Team.  The what?  That’s right, high school kids and rockets.  Ingraham High, located at 1819 N 135th St, has some real future rocket scientists in attendance.  In fact, students there participated and placed in the top ten at the 2010 Team America Rocket Challenge.  Placing in the top ten earned them an invitation from NASA to participate in a second event this year, the Student Launch Initiative (SLI).

This year, two teams from the school are raising funds for two competitions.  The SLI team consists of ten students competing to send a rocket one mile up, carrying an experiment on board (a geiger counter to measure ambient radiation in the atmosphere).  Besides the physical creation of the rocket, students are also learning how to write and submit a proposal for their project.

The other team is participating again in the Team America Rocket Challenge – this one, to build and send a rocket 750 feet in the air, with a raw egg on board, and bring it back down within 45 seconds with the egg unharmed.

The teams are fundraising together to earn funds to continue the projects.  If you missed your chance to donate today, email Peter Schurke, team mentor, at to learn how you can help.

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