Move over Pliny, a new rare beer makes its 2nd appearance in north Seattle

Pliny the Younger may have caused a city-wide frenzy one month ago, but it has been and gone and beer is back to normal.

For now.  But soon, a new beer hits the bars – the 2nd edition of Beer Church Pale Ale.   It was first released around Thanksgiving last year, brewed with donated time, ingredients and equipment and benefitting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Batch #2, brewed with Schooner Exact Brewing, will benefit Pints for Prostates (I’ll give you 3 guesses what that organization does).

Where will you find this delicious Beer Church Pale Ale?  At very limited north Seattle locations.  I have confirmation that Naked City Brewery & Taphouse has two kegs coming which should be on tap in a few days (Naked City is also donating an additional dollar of every sale of the beer to Pints for Prostates).  I also have confirmation from Latona Pub that they have one keg expected to arrive next Monday and be on tap later in the week. 

Once its gone, its gone.  Only a small batch was brewed, and money the bars have paid for the kegs is going to Pints for Prostates, so it’s all for a good cause.  Get it while its hot! Um, Cold!

UPDATE 4/7: I just got it on good authority that The Barking Dog Alehouse on NW 70th Street will also be pouring the coveted Beer Church Pale Ale soon.  Look for it on tap at all three of these local spots within the next week or so!

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