Greenwood Park needs your help to finish improvements

There are changes coming to Greenwood Park, located along N 87th St and Fremont Ave N.  Big changes.  Positive changes.  Like a community garden, designed as space where neighbors, youth from the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club, and members of the Greenwood Senior Center can grow produce for themselves and for the Greenwood Food Bank.

And a multi-sport courtyard, providing a space where kids and teens can play basketball, soccer and hockey.  The Vision Greenwood Park Steering Committee is even designing spaces and elements ideal for skateboarding. 

But they can’t do it alone – So far, the committee has raised $110,000 in grants and donations to make the park improvements.  But they need to raise another $2500 to complete the required funds, so they are asking local neighbors to help by donating.

They’re asking for help with the work, too.  Work parties will be held in the next few weeks on May 21st and on June 5th and everyone is invited to help.

To sign up for Vision Greenwood Park’s email list, to donate, or to inquire about the work parties, you can contact them at or call (206)498-9147.

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