Tour De Greenlake: today’s itinerary (just show up)

This afternoon the 12th annual Tour De Greenlake will kick off at The Little Red Hen (7115 Woodlawn Ave NE) at hit up three other locations throughout the neighborhood.  Anyone is welcome to participate, by showing up at 1pm with a bicycle (thrift store and decorated bikes are encouraged).

Many of the participants will wear costumes, so if you’re not attending don’t be alarmed! If you are, well, the crazier you look the better.

The group will leave The Little Red Hen at 2pm and make their way over to St. Andrews (Winona and Aurora).  The next stop will be The Kangaroo and Kiwi next door at 3:30pm, and finally the tour will end at Tacos Guaymas at 5pm.  All four participating bars will be offering drink specials to those in the tour.

This should turn out to be quite an event, as the event’s Facebook page has 730 people “attending” this year.   Remember, you CAN get a DUI for cycling drunk so please drink responsibly.  Other than that, enjoy!


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