Drink “light” beer for Greenwood nonprofit 826 Seattle

Most of us know this little secret already, but for those who walk by the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company at 8414 Greenwood Ave North wondering “What the heck is that?” – it’s a front for a nonprofit organization known as 826 Seattle.

826 Seattle provides free drop-in tutoring and writing education for kids ages six through 18.  I find this to be an extremely valuable public service, and so I’m happy to help however I can (I only wish they would tutor 28-year-olds too!).

Fortunately, I can contribute by doing something else I’m good at – drinking beer.  Friday, August 26th, Naked City Brewery & Taphouse is hosting their 826 Luminosity Benefit.  For every Naked City beer ordered that night, $1 will go to 826 Seattle.

Additionally, Naked City is brewing a very special beer just for the event – 826 Luminosity, a pale ale brewed with 2 row pale, honey oat, and flaked oats.  The refreshing beer will have hints of apricot and settle in at a decent 5% ABV.

Staff and volunteers from 826 Seattle will be on hand for the benefit to talk about the organization and answer questions.  Thank you, Naked City, for helping an important local center!

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