The Fall Fecal Fest: Bidding Starts today for Woodland Park Zoo’s “Zoo Doo”

(Let me start off by saying I never thought I’d ever use the words Fecal Fest in a blog post)

Today, September 1st, marks the first day that you can enter to receive some of that wonderful Woodland Park Zoo fertilizer known as Zoo Doo (and also the version mixed with wood chips and sawdust called “bedspread”).

If you’d like to enter to get some, send them a postcard between today and September 23rd – mark the postcard “Zoo Doo” or “Bedspread” depending on which one you want to enter.  You can enter for both, but must send in two different postcards. 

Here’s the info the postcard needs to have:

  • Name
  • Daytime and evening phone numbers
  • Amount of Zoo Doo or Bedspread you’d like
  • Weekday or Weekend preference for pickup

Mail your postcard to:

Dr. Doo, Woodland Park Zoo, 601 N. 59th St., Seattle, WA 98103

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