Greenwood Market Closes February 4th

If you’re a regular shopper at Greenwood Market on 85th in Greenwood, you will by now have already heard the news that their tentative last day is February 4th.  The staff are saying their goodbyes and already being placed at other Town & Country Market stores in the area, and customers are being treated to $5 coupons good at other locations in hopes that they’ll begin shopping at Ballard Market or at Central Market in Shoreline.

The shutdown has been in the works for quite some time, as Greenwood Market leases their space from the neighboring Fred Meyer, which will be expanded into a larger store.  Greenwood Market’s lease expires at the end of February, and they will not be relocating.

For those interested in starting their grocery shopping at other Town & Country Markets, you can visit the Ballard Market at 1400 NW 56th Street, or Central Market at 15505 Westminster Way N in Shoreline.  Town & Country also has locations in Poulsbo, Mill Creek and Bainbridge Island.

While chatting with some of the staff on my weekly shopping trip yesterday, they said that I was not the first one to express that I probably won’t be shopping at their other locations.  Both Ballard & Central Market are much bigger stores with more commotion, and I really liked the small friendly feel at the Greenwood Market (which is why I chose to go the extra distance there rather than some of the grocery stores closer to me).  However, I wish all the staff success in their new locations.

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