Readers, help me! What are the can’t-miss attractions of north Seattle?

Let me give you a little family history (or if that’s too boring, skip down a ways!).  I was born in England, and when I was three years old my family moved to the USA.  Specifically, to Federal Way.   Due to, well, absolutely no good reason at all, my parents changed their minds every few years so I ended up moving back to England three times before settling in Washington while in high school.  My family made a tough choice so that my sister and I could be happy – I wanted to live here, she wanted to live there, so my mother and sister stayed in England and my father and I moved back to Federal Way.  As I graduated college in Ellensburg, my father too made the move back to England and I’ve been here on my own for several years now.

As those of you with friends or family in Europe know, visitations can be not only expensive but very difficult to take (it’s not a weekend trip, and I work a lot).  The last time I visited England to see most of my family was in 2005.  But this year, I got big news – my mother has booked a flight to Seattle to spend three weeks with me in June, her first time back here in years.

My mother and me as a baby

Which begs the question, what are the can’t-miss attractions to take her to?  Although she lived here for some time, we very rarely ventured out of Federal Way and I can only ever remember her visiting the city with us once.  I don’t remember her ever seeing any part of north Seattle and I’m proud to show off my home up here.  So, I’m starting a list. 

Red Mill Burgers seems like a great place to take her, and there’s a slew of other local spots that I love (I’m actually considering throwing a birthday party at Naked City while she’s here).  I want to show her a good time, so I want reader responses as to where we should go!

One response to “Readers, help me! What are the can’t-miss attractions of north Seattle?

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