Pliny the Younger Mania hits Seattle 2012

Russian River Brewing has done it again – turned the beer-loving community of Seattle into crazed zombies looking for one thing: Pliny the Younger.  This heavy triple IPA weighs in at 10.5% ABV, and comes out in only limited quantities every February.  And when I say limited, I mean it’s gone within ten minutes of being put on tap.

Personally, I have never tasted the elusive Younger.  This is because I refuse to wait in an excited line unless Adam Levine is at the other end of it with his shirt off.   A few local establishments have already put their small keg of Pliny the Younger on tap for the year (like The Publican in Tangletown did last Saturday night).  But if you’re looking for a taste, you still have a few options that have been announced:

Naked City Brewery and Taphouse is tapping Pliny the Younger at 2pm on Wednesday February 15th (that’s tomorrow people!).  It’s first come, first served.  Along with Pliny, they’ll also be serving two “tribute” beers – Big Time’s Whiny the Complainer, and Naked City’s own Cry me a River.  Both beers are named in response to all the upset people who don’t get their taste of Younger.

Last Drop Bottle Shop WAS selling tickets for tastes of their Pliny…but they’re sold out.  They’re tapping it at 4pm on Saturday 2/18 to the ticket holders – and if they still have some left at 4:30, it will be first come/first served (chances are slim, people).  If you’re a ticket holder and you’re not there when your number is called, your taste will be forfeited and they’ll move on to the next person.

Some announcements won’t be made until just a few minutes before the pour, but other local establishments known to carry Younger in the past include The Dray, Brouwer’s Cafe (who have already tapped the Elder this week), Uber Tavern, and Bottleworks.  For those of you that really want a taste, keep an eye on your local establishment’s Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest information.

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