Get Sauced at the 2nd Annual Naked City Cookoff

Last year, Naked City in Greenwood held the very first Chaos Cookoff in their restaurant, featuring different breweries competing to see who made the best chili and the best beer to go with it.  The sold-out event was wildly popular, and so the Chaos Cookoff is back for its second year.

Last Year's Cookoff, with Black Raven's "Special" chilli sauce.

Tickets are on sale now for the cookoff, which this year will feature nine breweries partnering their beers with their best pasta sauce.  Patrons get to vote on who made the best beer, the best sauce, and the best pairings.  This year’s participating breweries are 7 Seas, Chuckanut, Silver City, Diamond Knot, Lazy Boy, Big Time, Pike, Schooner Exact, and of course the hosts Naked City.

The cookoff this year will be held on March 11th from 1pm to 3pm, and tickets are $35 which gets you a little bit of everything.  As I said, last year’s event sold out so make sure you visit Naked City and pick up your tickets early!


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