So what the heck is Moisture Festival anyway?

Pay attention to this post, because it’s the only time you’ll ever see me use the word “moisture” in a good way. Well, until next year.  2012 is flying by, and it’s already time for the 2012 Moisture Festival.  When I say this to people who are new to the area they give me a very strange look as though they’re suddenly afraid of me.  But have no fear, because here is the Moisture Festival outlined for the masses.

The Moisture Festival is an artistic event featuring comedy, acrobatics, burlesque, and several other art forms all at once – varietè.  Throughout the about three- to four- week period that it lasts (this year, March 15th through April 7th) there are more than 50 individual shows at multiple Seattle locations, including north Seattle’s Hale’s Palladium at 4301 Leary Avenue NW.

Contrary to popular belief that’s probably caused by the genre of show, Moisture Festival is actually for the most part all-ages and family friendly (there are a few adult-only shows throughout the season, and those are the late-night shows).  Also a little known-fact is that the Moisture Festival is actually a non-profit, and several of the shows this year benefit the Fremont Arts Council and Clowns without Borders.

So, now that you’re excited about Moisture – bet you never thought you would be, huh – here’s how you can actually attend one of these incredible shows.  You can view the lineup on their calendar here and then when you know what night and event you want to go to you can purchase the incredibly affordable tickets here.


One response to “So what the heck is Moisture Festival anyway?

  1. hugh – wow, dude. that one image of the couple, down at the bototm of the frame, against a wall, with the reflection of a crane up in the windows amazing. the colors, atmosphere, everything. super, super beautiful. wonderful work this year, man.January 3, 2012 4:43 pm

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