March Madness at Wing Dome – fill out your free bracket by Thursday!

Considering how little I know about sports, it’s amazing I still manage to fill to fill out my bracket each year.  But the fun thing about March Madness is that they give you those easy little numbers next to each team’s name, that provide you a pretty good estimate of who should win each game.  After that, you can just pick who has the better name, the cuter mascot, the most colorful uniforms, or the best location (you know, like I do).

As with years prior, Wing Dome is one of a few businesses providing their own bracket tournament.   You can fill out a free bracket, and if you’re the big winner you could receive a year’s worth of free wings ($1,040 retail value).  If you can just beat the “Wingman’s” score, you’ll get a $15 Wing Dome gift card.

Okay folks, you know the deal already.  Games begin this Thursday, March 15th, so your bracket needs to be filled out before 8 a.m. on Thursday.  You can fill out your bracket at the link here and then visit the local Wing Dome to watch the games and share a pitcher.  Our local Wing Dome is at 7818 Greenwood Avenue North.  Good luck!

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