Monday 3/19: Black Raven Visits Latona Pub in Green Lake

Month 3: The Anniversary Beers continue.  For those of you that follow either my blog or the goings-on at Latona Pub, you’ll know that they’ve been celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a specially-brewed beer each month and will continue to do so through to the anniversary day in August. 

Everything started in January with North Sound Brewing’s Wargalamercon Beer.  Then last month, the infamous John Maier from Rogue Brewing brought his special “Latona Bob,” named after the pub’s owner Bob Brenlin.  March will not disappoint – the ever-so-creative Black Raven Brewing is bringing their anniversary concoction to the pub on Monday, March 19th.

Black Raven has whipped up what they call ESP – the Extra Special Pepper beer.  I’m guessing by that name, it will probably have a bit of a kick.  Naturally, Black Raven will also be bringing a few of their other beers, and the brewers will be on hand as well.

The beers go on tap tomorrow afternoon, but the party officially “begins” around 8p.m.  I can tell you from personal experience that coming early is a wise idea!

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