Cooper’s Alehouse 10th Annual IPA Fest with over 55 brews (Hopheads get ready)

Maple Leaf resident Josh Dylan pointed out to me recently that I write an awful lot about Latona Pub and just not enough about the other local watering holes.  I don’t mean to, but I don’t make it out of my immediate neighborhood too often.  So a big thanks to Josh for reminding me of a very cool event coming up at Cooper’s Alehouse at 8065 Lake City Way NE.

Cooper’s is getting ready for their 10th Annual IPA Fest coming April 6th through the 27th.  That may seem like a long time, but it’s just long enough to pour over 55 different IPAs – with a minimum of 12 beers on at any given time.

Details about a few of the special beers to be tapped will be announced soon, but Cooper’s won’t be having Brewer’s Nights and won’t be doing any special “Rare Beer Announcements” (to avoid what they refer to as the Pliny Poachers, people who come in and suck up all the “special” beer before the regulars can).  They will be putting their taplist on their Facebook and Twitter feeds for those that want to take a look before heading down.

This year, Cooper’s is adding something very cool to the IPA Fest – they plan to have four unmarked taps at all times so that people can have their own blind tastings.  The unmarked taps will rotate about once per week (or sooner if the keg is blown).  As new beers come on to the unmarked taps, the previous week’s beers will be announced so people can know what they were tasting.  Anyone think they’re up to the challenge?

One response to “Cooper’s Alehouse 10th Annual IPA Fest with over 55 brews (Hopheads get ready)

  1. Ha! Thanks for the write up! Did you talk to Kirbie the owner?

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