Summer Renovations Planned for Phinney Ridge “Blue Building”

The new 2012 state capital supplemental budget includes $995,000 to renovate the “blue building” at the Phinney Neighborhood Association.

Although the multi-story building is currently functional and used on a regular basis, the Capital Campaign will install an elevator, improve the entryway and plaza including the installation of a ramp, and perform some seismic upgrades to make it more earthquake-sound.    The elevator will be placed in a former chimney shaft so that it doesn’t take away from any current usable space in the building.

Although there has been some debate about whether or not this is a good use of state funds, the building is not currently ADA-accessible and the improvements will allow everyone in the community to be able to enjoy it.  The Blue Building is a city of Seattle official historic landmark, originally built in 1904.

The Phinney Neighborhood Association has applied for permits to begin the work, and should begin the improvements in July.  Mithun Architects are responsible for the design of the improvements.

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