Artists & Writers get new gathering & learning spot in Ballard

A new studio called The Drawing Room is opening its doors in downtown Ballard at 5335 1/2 NW Ballard Avenue to all kinds of people interested in writing and art.

The studio, which doesn’t have a storefront, offers small group classes and private lessons in visual art and creative writing.  Classes are offered Monday through Friday and generally last one hour, with some private Saturday lessons available.

Kim Overton runs The Drawing Room, after teaching for many years in public and private schools and wanting to find a way to encourage a small group setting and safe space for children, teens and adults interested in exploring their creativity.

“At its essence,” says Kim, “arts learning is a process of giving form and making meaning from personal experience. It promotes an ability to imagine possibilities and to recognize multiple perspectives.  Art provides a welcome means of learning about oneself and the world.”

Kim studied art therapy and enjoys working with small groups of students.  Upcoming classes include “Lunch Poems,” a small-group poetry writing class for adults on Fridays from 12-1 pm beginning May 18th.  “Lunch Poems” is instructed by Amanda Laughtland, a published poet and editor of Teeny Tiny Press.

To schedule lessons either for “Lunch Poems” or another workshop, you can visit The Drawing Room’s website here or call Kim Overton at (206) 707-1o38.

Photo courtesy The Drawing Room

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