“The Big One” – Phinney Greenwood Art Walk Today and Tomorrow

It’s always a blast to attend the monthly Phinneywood Art Up Art Walk, but tonight and tomorrow it’s even more special – it’s the annual “Big One” – the biggest art walk of the year, with ideal weather to boot.

The Art Walk runs from 6pm to 9 pm this evening, May 11th, and then again tomorrow May 12th from 12pm to 5pm.  Stops for the walk run from 60th to 87th along Phinney and Greenwood Avenues.   For a full list of locations participating with either art, entertainment or food specials, see the website here.  

BUT, if you’re short on time and want to make the most of it, take North Seattle Sarah’s advice for the must-see stops along the way.  The best one being The Yard Cafe – where for the second year in a row, Firelight Forge will be set up in the yard creating metal art right in front of you.  Other recommendations are to stop into 826 Seattle (The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company) to see collections by both adults and children, and then check out the food specials at Ridge Pizza.

Oh, and look out for me and North Seattle Lola as we wander the streets tomorrow!

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