Greenwood Car Show & Naked City’s Beer Can Derby – June 30th

You might, as I did today, look outside and think you slept through summer and it must be October already.  But it’s still June, and that means the annual Greenwood Car Show is coming up shortly.  June 30th, in fact.

Between North 67th Street and North 90th Street along Greenwood Avenue, cars of all shapes, sizes and years will line the closed-off street for everyone to enjoy.  Collector classics, hot rods, and super modern vehicles will come together in one place, open to the public starting at 8am and ending at 4pm.

Car show not enough for you? How about some great craft beer to go with it.  Along with the car show’s 20th anniversary, Naked City Brewery & Taphouse at Greenwood and 87th will be hosting their 3rd Annual Beer Can Derby, a race between decorated beer cans that last year pitted Black Raven’s “car” against a can of PBR.  It’s an event not be missed!

One response to “Greenwood Car Show & Naked City’s Beer Can Derby – June 30th

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