Clips of Faith – Beer & Films, coming to Gas Works next week

New Belgium Brewing Company brings its third annual “Clips of Faith” event to Seattle next Friday, July 27th.  The concept behind the event is to pair 16 New Belgium beers with short films created by fans, for a fun tasting event.

New Belgium will feature tastes of their more common beers such as Fat Tire, but also beers from their special “Lips of Faith” series, including their Cocoa Mole Ale, a spicy chocolate concoction.

Food will also be served up from Rainy Day Gourmet and A Lunch in Hand.  The event takes place at Wallingford’s Gas Works Park on Friday beginning at 8pm with the first film showing when it gets dark.  A few cool details: dogs are welcome (on leash, of course), and feel free to bring your own water bottle as you can get water refills.

The event itself doesn’t cost anything to get in, but there are charges for the beers which you can get in either a 3oz pour or a 12oz pour (cash only here folks).  All proceeds from Clips of Faith go to the Nature Consortium, a local grassroots organization who bring together nature and the arts.

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