AARRRGHHH – It be the Greenwood Seafair Parade this Wednesday

Last week at my office in lower Queen Anne, I heard the strange sound of a musical car horn over and over – I looked out my office window onto Denny and saw the Seafair Clowns driving by in excitement.  And we all know that the pirates came ashore on Alki Beach earlier in the month.  Now it’s finally time to see them all together in north Seattle as the Greenwood Seafair Parade kicks off on July 25th.

The 62nd annual Greenwood Seafair Parade begins at 6pm on Wednesday and ends roughly at 8:30, featuring the famous pirates along with marching bands, drill teams, floats, horses and more.  It runs along Greenwood Avenue, from about N 85th St to N 95th St, with an attendance around 10,000 people.

During the parade, Metro Buses on the 5 Express headed northbound will be re-routed, and you can check out the missed stops and temporary new stops here.  Southbound buses to downtown will not be affected.

The theme of this year’s parade is “Wild Wonderful Greenwood,” with Meerkute the Meerkat from Woodland Park Zoo serving as Grand Marshall.  Over 100 entrants will participate in the oldest neighborhood Seafair Parade running.

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