Photos: North Seattle Sarah gets muddy in the Warrior Dash

It’s not in North Seattle  (not even close really), but over the weekend myself and two other members of my company Matrix Real Estate (Steve Snider, a Ballard resident, and Vicki Paulo) ran in the Warrior Dash over in North Bend.  The 3.55 mile course is littered with obstacles, and since I spoke about it so much on Twitter and Facebook I felt like I should at least share photos!  The course was difficult but fun, and in the end, we raised $1000 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Here you go!

Our Matrix Team: me, Ballard resident and fellow real estate broker Steve Snider, and on the right Vicki Paulo, our Matrix graphic designer.


That’s me along the top, fourth one in.



As a team, we jumped over fire.



The last obstacle was a watered down mud pit that we swam through to get to the finish line:



And the dreaded after shot of me, finally out of the mud:


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