FidoFEST and Seattle Humane’s Walk for the Animals this weekend

Grab that pooch this Sunday and head out to University Village’s FidoFEST and Seattle Humane Society’s Walk for the Animals.  I participated in this last year and it was fun, for the dog as well as for me.

To participate in the Walk for the Animals, which starts at 9 a.m. on Sunday September 23rd, you’ll need to register here.  This is an easy 2-mile walk (dog not required, but encouraged), that costs $30 to register as an individual or $100 to register a family of four.  Once you’re registered, you can also fundraise among friends and family to help bring more money into the Seattle Humane Society.

FidoFEST officially begins at 11am that day at University Village, with all kinds of events just for your pup.  There’s a parade of adoptable animals, pageant-style contests in multiple categories including “Cutest Mutt” and “Savvy Senior,” and City Dog Magazine will be on hand looking for their next cover dog.  And as usual, there will be lots of free treats and samples plus vendors displaying the latest and greatest in pet products.

Social dogs love this day and the weather is expected to be great this weekend, so grab your leash and bring ’em down to the U-District!

2 responses to “FidoFEST and Seattle Humane’s Walk for the Animals this weekend

  1. – So fun that you are here Jess! Cannot wait to see you! John and I have a birthday dniner in Seattle tonight, but hopefully we can pop over soon. Glad you got a walk in on Redondo that sounds nice.Love Liz

  2. Checked out FidoFEST, was a good time!

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