Like beer, LOVE coffee? Don’t miss the Coffee Beer Festival October 6th

Last night I went on a date with a guy who doesn’t like coffee.  I know, crazy talk, right?  I can’t fault him too much – there was a time when I didn’t really like the stuff either.  Granted, that time was when I was about 11 years old.  Now, it’s a life force for me.  And well – you all know by now how much I love craft beer.

Have I died and gone to Heaven?  Because those two of my favorite things are getting combined for one day only at the Coffee Beer Festival, being held on Saturday October 6th at The Burgundian in Tangletown.

So far, 20 beers have been confirmed for the taps including concoctions from Oakshire, Big Time, Ram, Naked City, Schooner Exact, Fremont, Elysian and Southern Tier.  And they won’t all be porters, either – we’re talking IPA’s and saisons and even pale ales.

The festival starts at 10am and goes until the beer runs out (or closing time, whichever comes first).   The Burgundian is located at 2253 N 56th Street on the Wallingford/Green Lake border.

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