It’s the end of the world…but don’t forget, it’s the Winter Solstice too.

If the world is going to end, go out with a full belly – that’s what I always say.  And celebrate the day, which also happens to be the Winter Solstice.  The Fremont Arts Council presents their 24th annual Feast of the Winter Solstice this Thursday, December 21st at 1416 NW 51st Street in Ballard.

The event begins at 6pm and as always, is a potluck dinner so bring a dish and your beverage of choice.   See artwork and costumes and come prepared to dance with three different bands gracing the evening.  Tickets to the event are $25 and can be purchase through Brown Paper Tickets, and children under 16 don’t need a ticket to attend.  You can also RSVP on the event’s Facebook page. 

In addition to bringing some food and drink, participants are encouraged to bring their own fun and funky dinnerware, and to “dress to impress.”  The event acts as a way to celebrate the past year and prepare for the next – despite rumors  of fire and brimstone Thursday night, I think this will be a great way to party!


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