Running, in your underwear. In the winter.

I’m not going to make a habit of it, that’s for sure – but I’ve signed up for this year’s Cupid’s Undie Run and I recommend you do too.  If you’ve ever looked at those fun runs around Green Lake and thought “Yea, but I can’t quite do a 5k” – this is the run for you  – its only a little 0ver a mile, starting that The Ballroom in Fremont.

There might be a catch – it’s a great, short run for people that aren’t great runners.  BUT, it’s run in your underwear. In February.   The race takes place on Saturday, February 9th with doors opening at 12 p.m and the race itself at 2 p.m.   Post-run festivities will also be held at The Ballroom.

Hesitant?  Its for a good cause.  No, a great cause.  Cupid’s Undie Run benefits the Children’s Tumor Foundation, which is dedicated to educating and researching treatments for neurofibromatosis.  In fact, if you don’t want to run, I wouldn’t mind you making a small donation to them here: .  If you’d like to run, you can sign up here.



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