Photos: The exciting Green Lake Traffic Circle – boats, cows & aliens

A week ago, I tweeted a photo of a boat that got some attention.  Not just any boat, but a boat that was parked, without a trailer, in the middle of a traffic circle at Woodlawn Ave N & Kenwood Place North in Green Lake.  I thought the photo was humorous – not just because of the boat, or the note that was left on it by the Seattle Police Dept (stating “Really?”) – but because I really enjoy seeing what that traffic circle will come up with next.

Here is the photo I took of the boat (and the note) last week:


Now, some argue this is a nuisance and some argue that it’s art.  No matter what it is, it’s always fun to see what’s coming next.  When I first moved into this particular neighborhood, a bench sat on that island.  Eventually, an inflatable family of aliens moved in….one at a time (here’s dad).


After the aliens moved away (beamed back to the mothership?) Bessie arrived.  Well, okay, I call her Bessie.  Anyway, the life-size Green Lake cow stayed at the traffic circle for several months and even got decorative bows around Christmastime.


And that, my friends, is the story of the last three years of the traffic circle at Kenwood & Woodlawn.   We’ve heard that the boat may be towed – some folks have tried to stop that with a petition that has now disappeared.   Is it art?  Is it funny? Is it tacky?

Well, it’s entertainment.

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