This blog has been on hiatus for about five months now fully – and that was for a few good reasons.  First of all, I was considering a move outside the city (can you believe I actually considered leaving this place?).  Secondly, it was “like, totally stressing me out, man.”  No, really – as I gained more and more readers, it became more of a situation where i felt obligated to post anything just to keep everyone happy.   But as of late, I’ve realized the only person I need to keep happy is myself.   So the format is changing a little – I’m not going to keep trying to post a wide range of happenings in my neighborhood for the sake of satisfying a broad audience.  Instead, I post events and anecdotes that are personal to me, that I actually attend, and that I care about.  So check back often to keep up to date on the happenings of North Seattle Sarah.

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