Mexican in Phinney-Greenwood: HECHO

Since moving to Maple Leaf, I don’t get to stroll down Greenwood Avenue as often as I used to.  So when a friend asked me if I’d seen “that new Mexican place,” I assumed she was talking about a small hole-in-the-wall with a few tacos.

Enter HECHO, now open at 7314 Greenwood Ave N.  Well, in truth, it’s been open since about the first week of April – but came in silently and I didn’t stumble upon any press about it back then despite my obsession with following the likes of Eater and Seattle Magazine.   When I passed by it walking the dog yesterday, I was immediately attracted to the bright exterior wall that is labeled in words like “Tacos” and “Pescado” and the one that caught my eye – “Margaritas.”

So I called my friend and we decided to go check it out.   I’ll start off by saying it’s not the cheapest Mexican around.  I knew that beforehand; I checked the menu online and was well aware that I wouldn’t be getting out of there for less than $20 if I ate.  We sat at the bar and ordered drinks.  The menu we were handed inside didn’t have all the items that the online menu listed (it must rotate a little) but I was soon over that disappointment when I found the Margarita Fresca.  Unlike a lot of margaritas made with syrup and “fake” stuff, this was made with fresh fruit puree (strawberry, but the fruits rotate too).


We had chips and salsa ($4) and guacamole, and then being slightly full on chips ordered light appetizers of taquitos and a quesadilla.  Both were whopping portions and we couldn’t finish either, but that’s good to know for next time!

After trying to think for some time about what used to be in the large spot HECHO now occupies, we finally asked our bartender.  It replaced Carmelita’s – the vegan joint.  I guess that’s one point for meat-eaters, but there’s still a few veggie options on Greenwood Ave.

Definitely recommending this place, and I’ll be going back.



One response to “Mexican in Phinney-Greenwood: HECHO

  1. Sorry, but I have to disagree; I’m not that impressed really. A very manufactured designer feel to it – it doesn’t really fit Greenwood/Phinney – The Ridge, 74th St, even Cornuto are more local feeling neighborhood places. And Camelita wasn’t just a joint – it was a premier Seattle vegetarian restaurant. An institution. And I like my meat – but we lost a lot when the owners retired… Also, did you mention that this is co-owned by the owner of Prost and The Ridge? I am a little leary of neighborhood empires… (Yes, 74th st is part of a “chain” – but they are not all in the same neighborhood).

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