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Seattle Beer Week: Mid-Week picks in North Seattle

Last night as part of Seattle Beer Week, I went to the special Brewer’s Dinner at Naked City Taphouse in Greenwood.  Eight fabulous courses paired with beer included fried chicken, buffalo carpaccio, smoked trout, rabbit rillet and lamb shank.  The great news is that Naked City is going to put on dinners just like last night’s once every quarter, so if you missed it you can come again next time.

In the meantime, Seattle Beer Week is in full swing, and doesn’t take a break just because we have weekday jobs.  So here’s my picks for this week’s north Seattle Beer Week:

  • On Tuesday (5/15), head to Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont for the Beer and Burger Battle. It runs from 5pm to 11pm and features beer and burgers from reigning champs Fremont Brewing, along with New Belgium, 21st Amendment, Black Raven, and Hair of the Dog.
  • On Wednesday (5/16) make your way to Ballard for Snipes Mountain Sour Night at The Noble Fir.  Event runs from 4pm to 8pm.  Not a sour fan?  If IPA’s are more your thing, go to Big Time Brewery in the U-District for their IPA Cask Fest – pouring all day.
  • On Thursday, please please PLEASE don’t miss Latona Pub’s annual “Wall of Casks.”  They physically build up a wall/pyramid of great cask beers for a fun night, starting at 6pm in east Green Lake.

Stay safe out there everyone, don’t drink and drive, and enjoy the mid-week festivities!

Pliny the Younger Mania hits Seattle 2012

Russian River Brewing has done it again – turned the beer-loving community of Seattle into crazed zombies looking for one thing: Pliny the Younger.  This heavy triple IPA weighs in at 10.5% ABV, and comes out in only limited quantities every February.  And when I say limited, I mean it’s gone within ten minutes of being put on tap.

Personally, I have never tasted the elusive Younger.  This is because I refuse to wait in an excited line unless Adam Levine is at the other end of it with his shirt off.   A few local establishments have already put their small keg of Pliny the Younger on tap for the year (like The Publican in Tangletown did last Saturday night).  But if you’re looking for a taste, you still have a few options that have been announced:

Naked City Brewery and Taphouse is tapping Pliny the Younger at 2pm on Wednesday February 15th (that’s tomorrow people!).  It’s first come, first served.  Along with Pliny, they’ll also be serving two “tribute” beers – Big Time’s Whiny the Complainer, and Naked City’s own Cry me a River.  Both beers are named in response to all the upset people who don’t get their taste of Younger.

Last Drop Bottle Shop WAS selling tickets for tastes of their Pliny…but they’re sold out.  They’re tapping it at 4pm on Saturday 2/18 to the ticket holders – and if they still have some left at 4:30, it will be first come/first served (chances are slim, people).  If you’re a ticket holder and you’re not there when your number is called, your taste will be forfeited and they’ll move on to the next person.

Some announcements won’t be made until just a few minutes before the pour, but other local establishments known to carry Younger in the past include The Dray, Brouwer’s Cafe (who have already tapped the Elder this week), Uber Tavern, and Bottleworks.  For those of you that really want a taste, keep an eye on your local establishment’s Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest information.

Seattle Beer Week: Kulture Freaks in detail (Brouwer’s)

What in the world have I gotten myself into?  I am starting to mentally prepare for Seattle Beer Week – the week where Washington Beer Blog has tasked me with a multitude of venues and events to visit for them, and where I will have to warn my coworkers that I’ll have a 10-day hangover.  It begins this Thursday, so bring on the beer!

After a quiet Thursday evening (hopefully) at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse, I am charged Friday (May 20th) with what will likely be the most cringe-worthy of them all – Kulture Freaks at Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont.  Kulture Freaks is sponsored by Shmaltz Brewing Company (makers of He’brew beer and Coney Island Lager), and the evening will begin around 9pm with the live entertainment.

Here’s where it gets cringe-worthy.  When I go see live entertainment, it’s usually people dancing around or playing instruments.  It’s not usually Donny Vomit, who is headlining Kulture Freaks, and his interesting talents.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited to see it, but I’m one of those people who puts a hand over my eyes and then cracks my fingers just far enough apart to be traumatized the rest of my life.

Not knowing what I was getting into, I called Brouwer’s for a little more info.  Donny Vomit’s show will include sword swallowing, flame throwing, ramming moving drill bits through his nose, and other such mischief.  He’ll also hammer a couple of nails through his head.  Oh, and this year he’s added something new: running 10,000 volts of electricity through the human body.  Fun!

If nails ramming through your head isn’t your thing, perhaps you’ll enjoy one of the opening acts.  The show will feature a midget (yes, I checked and that’s the preferred term), hanging from the ceiling, escaping from a straitjacket. 

For anyone that hasn’t quite realized the seriousness of this post, I would like to point out that I will be here alone and could use a good-looking, 6’2″ tall man’s arm to cling to as I watch. Volunteers?

Seattle Beer Week: The North Seattle Double Dog Dare

My good friends over at Washington Beer Blog have got me all pumped up about Seattle Beer Week, which runs May 19th through the 29th (ok, so its really like Seattle Beer 10-day).  Unfortunately for me, after seeing my excitement they decided to task me with covering a multitude of events and locations in north Seattle and reporting back.  Mission: Accepted (and slightly modified to fit my time frames).

So, between now and May 29th you’ll see lots of Seattle Beer Week posts from me, letting you know of upcoming events and, likely, the following day’s hangovers.  Think I can do it?

Here is a condensed list of events I hope to attend (if I’m still in one piece):

May 19th, 9pm : Opening Night kick-off at Naked City with 12 of the 24 taps dedicated to SBW.

May 20th, 9pm: Kulture Freaks at Brouwer’s, an evening of beer paired with  a guy that hammers nails into his head (heaven help me on this one).

May 21st, 8pm: Beer and Ink at the Pub at Piper’s Creek, featuring tattoo contests and a tattoo artist on site (should I? should I?)

May 22nd,4pm: Fire and Ice at The Duck Island Alehouse – a beer and chili pairing afternoon.   Or, a trip to Bottleworks in Wallingford for a special Hair of the Dog pouring. 

May 23rd, 6pm: Boundary Bay brewer’s night at 74th St Ale House.  Buy a pint and keep the glass! (I love free stuff)

May 24th, 7pm: Mixology Night at The Barking Dog, featuring Crispin Cider and Snoqualmie Falls Brewing.

May 25th, 6pm: Taking a break from the north Seattle events to attend the Ladies of Craft Beer down at Full Throttle Bottles.  I’m going to call it “networking” just to justify my 7th day of drinking beer to myself.

May 26th, 6pm – the annual Cask Fortress at Latona Pub, which the manager there assures me is not to miss.  And thankfully, finally an event I can walk to.

May 27th, 4pm – Naked City again.  This time, for the Pro-Am night where the staff there broke out into teams to try their hand at brewing. 

May 28th – On this Saturday before the last day of SBW, I’m going to take a breather.  I know it seems like I’m giving up early, but really, I’m just mustering energy because  Sunday May 29th is an event many of us have been waiting a few months for:

Sunday, May 29th, All Day: The Grand Opening of The Yard Cafe on Greenwood Ave!!  Hoping for good weather as they’ll have a large patio, and will be serving up beer and tacos all day.  Yep, not leaving. 

Events may change, or I may just lose my ability to function for some of these, but I’m going to try my darndest to hit them all up.  And, unlike most girls, I will gladly accept beer from strangers (candy, too).  So don’t be shy!