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Tottenham takes on Seattle – But first, a beer.

I had the great privilege last night of getting to tag along with Mr. and Mrs. Beer Blog to Reuben’s Brews, where owner Adam Robbings is a fellow Brit and huge Tottenham Hotspur fan.  So naturally, he’s pretty excited to see the Sounders face the Spurs this Saturday at Century Link field in a friendly.

He’s so excited that he actually brewed a special beer for the Hotspur – London Calling, a British pale ale. You can read Adam’s story about behind the beer and how it was made here.  In the meantime, back to last night.

Adam Robbing's had Reuben's Brews decked out in Spurs gear to celebrate.

Adam Robbing’s had Reuben’s Brews decked out in Spurs gear to celebrate.

I’m a Chelsea FC fan.  Born a Chelsea fan, raised a Chelsea fan.  It’s like religion in England – your parents bring you up to love whatever they were brought up to love, and the team support stays in the family.  Chelsea came to play the Sounders two years ago, and that was one of the most exciting moments of my life.  I know how Adam feels.  So I resisted all urges to put on my blue polo shirt and yell “Come on you Blues” as I walked into a brewery full of Tottenham fans last night.  I can appreciate good football (yes, I said football) when I see it, and Tottenham has had a great team in the past few years being near the top of the table.   And let’s face it, Tottenham gave us Dempsey, so we have that.

Reuben’s Brews was packed last night for a special tapping of London Calling. And who showed to up to tap the cask? None other than legend Ledley King, who played over 300 games with Tottenham and joined the English national team in 2010 for their World Cup game against USA.  King has been retired since 2012, but sure was working hard last night to take pictures with and sign autographs for fans.

Getting my picture taken with the great Ledley King!

Getting my picture taken with the great Ledley King!

King signing autographs for fans.

King signing autographs for fans.

The best part of all this is that part of the proceeds from the sale of London Calling go to Street Soccer Seattle, an organization devoted to using soccer to uplift and empower homeless individuals in Seattle.

The Sounders and Spurs face off this Saturday, July 19th, at 1pm – to a crowd of over 64,000 fans (my friend in England pointed out that this was incredibly high for a friendly).  If you have your ticket, go cheer them on!  If you don’t, you’re missing out on seeing some great footie.

Naked City turns 5

Who’s a big kid now? Naked City, that’s who.  They’ll be celebrating their 5th year all day on Saturday, October 19th, and its sure to be yet another packed party.

26 taps will be devoted to Naked City beers that have been brewed over the years – a lot of classics and a few new ones.  And to top off the beer presentation, they’ll have a special bottle release of their famous Big Lebrewski, a white Russian imperial stout.

They’ll also have food specials, oyster shooters, live music and t-shirts available to purchase to commemorate the special day.   For those that don’t frequent the brewery & taphouse too often, this was a big year for Naked City – they finally opened The Walrus beer garden in the vacant lot next door.  Come out and celebrate with them at 8564 Greenwood Ave North.

Stocking Stuffers from North Seattle: Shopping Local

For the second year in a row, I’ve managed to do all my Christmas shopping at local stores.  I bought gifts from Top Ten Toys, Antika, Chuck’s 85th Street Market, and more.  I even bought my Christmas cards at the Phinney Ridge Winter Arts Festival a few weeks back.

If you’re feeling guilty about doing so much of your shopping at the mall or at big box stores, there’s a little time left for redemption.  Many people have already gotten their big gifts out of the way, but now its time to find those last-minute stocking stuffers.  Here’s my suggestions, for all ages:

  • Sticker Sheets.  I’m not sure what it is about young kids and stickers, but they sure love them. And there’s a huge selection at Top Ten Toys in Greenwood priced at just a few dollars.
  • Chocolate.  It doesn’t just have to come in gold coin form – why not visit your neighborhood Chocolati, in several north Seattle locations, and create your own small box of four gourmet chocolates for the stocking?
  • Local pendants.  While browsing through Frock Shop this past weekend, I noticed some really amazing and affordable pendant necklaces, representing different neighborhoods in Seattle.  It’s a great way to show neighborhood pride for less than $25 (and a really cool idea for the teenage girls in your life)
  • Beer.  You knew this one had to come up somehow – for the grown ups in your life, why not pick up a special bottle of a local winter beer, to celebrate the season?  Or, alternatively, visit your favorite local brewery and buy a set of pint glasses.
  • Gift Cards – They’re everywhere.  But when thinking about gift cards, think outside the box – Jodee’s Desserts in Green Lake is a great example.