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Cinco de Mayo in north Seattle: Where to go

Despite heavy rain, cloudy days, and some of the lowest temperatures on record, its spring in north Seattle.  I know it because I see cherry blossoms and tulips everywhere while I’m shivering in my hooded jacket.  And spring means Cinco de Mayo, a celebration that most of us only know of as a day to drink tequila and Coronas (it actually celebrates Mexico’s defeat over France in 1868, and as a born Brit I’ll celebrate anything to do with defeating France). 

So, where do you celebrate? I took the guess-work out of it for you and narrowed it down to four recommendations:

The obvious choice is the Green Lake Tacos Guaymas at 6806 East Green Lake Way N.  They’re holding their 10th Annual block party celebration which closes down part of the road from 12pm to 2am.  There will be plenty of live music and DJs spinning, the Sauza Girls, and contests and prizes.  Plus, of course, a full margarita bar.  Organizers expect over 3,000 people to attend.

A little ways up the street in Tangletown, find a Cinco celebration at Bandolero (2253 N 56th Street) starting at 12pm.  There will be Dos Equis and Aha Toro “representatives”, drink specials, the Aha Toro ice luge, and…wait for it…the beer garden will be open!

Over at The Matador in Ballard, Cinco do Mayo kicks off at 11am.  You’ll find music, happy hour specials, and over 100 tequilas.  Don’t drink them all at once!

In Phinney Ridge, stop into El Chupacabra  at 6711 Greenwood Ave N to enjoy some fun beer and margarita specials.  And here’s a bonus for those outside of north Seattle: El Chupacabra just opened their second location along Alki in West Seattle.

Celebrate National Margarita Day in north Seattle

Happy National Margarita Day!  Do you plan on celebrating?  Here’s the low-down (based on personal experience, of course) of where to get a killer margarita in north Seattle:

Tacos Guaymas Green Lake: You can always stick to the trusty House Margarita here.  But since you’re visiting, why not try Cesar’s Signature Margarita – I’m still not sure what’s in it, but it’s to die for. (Here’s one thing I DO know, it has tequila).

Bandolero Seattle (Tangletown) : I LOVE the La Playa Margarita – it has orange liqueur, cranberry, pineapple, and lime.  Or, try the Tia Rita with agave nectar.  Yummy!

El Chupacabra (Phinney): Get your punk on here – no need to primp to enjoy THESE margaritas.  Plus, you get the chance to congratulate them on their 2nd location opening soon at Alki.

And since it’s snowy and you’ll likely be staying home from work tomorrow, you really have no excuse to not celebrate this national holiday.  Enjoy!

The Best Mexican in North Seattle

On www.mygreenlake.com, a guest contributor reviewed the new Casa Patron,at 805 NE 65th Street.  Which leads me to hunt down, where can you get the best Mexican in North Seattle?  Now I admit I am not the best judge of Mexican food.  I hate, hate, hate guacamole and sour cream.  So, take my own little reviews with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila, finished with a lime?)

I’m partial to a few places.  Firstly, El Chupacabra in Phinney Ridge.  My favorite thing about this restaurant isn’t even the food – it’s the name, and the fact that across the street you find the much fancier Stumbling Goat Bistro (for those that don’t know, the chupacabra is a legendary goat-sucker).   But, I have to admit, the food at Chupa is delicious.  The portions are huge, too much for me really, but the atmosphere is super casual and the waitstaff is extremely laid-back, its the perfect place to eat.  The drawback – in the summertime, the patio is slammed busy – if you’re not there early don’t count on getting a table.

Now, not being a taco truck kind of person by nature, it takes  a lot for me to put one on the list here.  El Camion has two north Seattle locations – one on Aurora and 117th which I have never been to, but another newer location in Ballard off of 15th NW – just turn into the Mud Bay and you’ll see it.   This is taco trucking at its finest – and they serve breakfast burritos.  Smile 🙂

Ok, my winner.  Will always and forever be Peso’s Kitchen in Queen Anne.  I mean, this place is amazing – always busy, always good…sometimes you have to wait a little longer for your meal, but you’ll fill up on so many tortilla chips that the wait won’t bother you one bit.  It’s a huge breakfast spot and commonly known as a great hangover cure, and it also has an exceptional happy hour. 

But before the list is over, and I know that true Mexican food lovers are going to hate me for this, I have to give a shout out to Taco del Mar.  Yes, I know the food is, um, fast, but I have to give credit to what they’re doing as a fast food restaurant.   At least the one on Greenwood Ave (I haven’t been to many others) has impressed me with using almost entirely recyclable goods to package their foods, and having big signs all over stating what can be recycled or what can be put into their food waste bins.  Way to go Taco del Mar, I hope all fast food restaurants follow in your footsteps.