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Get Out of Town: Fresh Hop Ale Festival, Yakima

It may not be Palm Springs, but every now and then Yakima shines through as one of my favorite places to be.  One such time is during the Fresh Hop Ale Festival, which is next Saturday – October 4th.

Most of you already know that we grow an awful lot of hops out east in this state.  So it makes sense that at harvest time, we celebrate out near the farms with fresh hop beers – that is, the hops will have gone from the farm into the beer within 24 hours of being picked.  We only get one shot to do this every year, and then the rest of the year we’re drinking dried and processed hops – so take advantage of something you can’t find anywhere else and attend the Fresh Hop Ale Festival.

The festival will feature fresh hop beers from 36 breweries, plus cider, food, and live music all at S 3rd & Yakima Avenue in downtown Yakima.  As for the music, I’m particularly excited this year to see one of my favorite local bands Smokey Brights performing, along with Cumulus.

Tickets are $30 in advance, and you can click here to purchase.  Or, they are $35 at the door.   The event starts at 5pm and runs until 10pm, so my recommendation is to get a hotel room (and hurry, many are sold out now!) and stay the night.  If you’re itching to go out after the festival, I recommend hanging around Sports Center (they have shuffleboard) or getting some late night grub at Second Street Grill – all within walking distance of the festival.



PHOTOS: Team Up for Nonprofits Gigs4Good benefit for Outdoors for All

Friday night I was incredibly excited to attend my second Gigs4Good benefit presented by the amazing Team Up for Nonprofits.  The evening benefited an organization called Outdoors for All, which provides children and adults with mental, physical and sensory disabilities the chance to enjoy outdoor sports.  Thanks to sponsors like REI and Stevens Pass, the concert was able to donate a large portion of ticket sales to Outdoors for All, as well as raise extra money selling raffle tickets at the event.

Three bands performed Friday evening at The Tractor Tavern in Ballard – River Giant, Smokey Brights and two members of The Head and the Heart, Josiah and Charity Rose.  Here are a few photos I managed to snap!

River Giant kicks off the show:


Team Up for Nonprofits:


Bill Rudolph takes the stage to present a toast to his son, Chris.  Chris Rudolph was the marketing director of Stevens Pass, and passed away last year in an avalanche. The benefit was in his name:


Smokey Brights takes the stage:












Josiah & Charity Rose of The Head and the Heart close out the concert .